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The Northeastern Historical Review is a student-run, peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal founded to provide opportunities for Northeastern students to contribute to the field of history. Our goal is to promote intellectual inquiry and scholarly debate while giving our students the freedom to explore and engage with their historical passions. No particular topics are given precedence over others; in the past, students have written about such diverse topics as the Ionian Revolt in ancient Greece and American slavery during the time of Alexander Hamilton. 

In our print journal, we publish a set of research articles ranging from 5000 to 8000 words each year. These articles are often written in seminars and research practicums, and are expected to provide original research on a specific area within history. If accepted, these papers undergo a peer-review process within our organization before publication. Any student is welcome to submit an article or paper. Additionally, we have a staff writing and a staff editing team that publishes and edits short informational columns ranging from 800 to 1300 words on our website over the course of the year.


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The Northeastern University Historical Review was founded by Yehuda Gannon '21 with the assistance of Ayeon Lee '22, Denise Bates '21, Jack Ferrari '22, and Jessie Sigler '20, in 2019 to provide a creative outlet for Northeastern history students' research. Despite challenges brought to them by the COVID-19 pandemic, they were successful in the endeavor and managed to publish their first print journal in 2021. Nicole Stark '22 took over as editor-in-chief to produce our 2022 edition, and Cyrus Seyrafi '24 is continuing the tradition into 2023 under the new title Northeastern Historical Review.

Former and Current Editors-in-Chief


Yehuda Gannon


Nicole Stark


Cyrus Seyrafi